List of Countries Where OET is Accepted - How Useful is OET

Read on to find the list of countries where OET is accepted. Australia, Singapore, the U.K., and many more you didn't know approved the test!

In our increasingly interconnected world, proficiency in the English language is a highly prized skill, especially within the healthcare and medical sectors. 

The Occupational English Test (OET) has emerged as a preeminent tool for healthcare professionals to assess their English language abilities in a healthcare context. 

However, the pertinent question arises: where is the OET accepted, and how valuable is it?

Understanding OET

Before we delve into the list of countries where the OET is recognized, let's better understand what it is. 

The Occupational English Test is an English proficiency test specifically designed for healthcare professionals. 

Unlike generic English language tests, OET focuses on assessing language skills in the context of medical and healthcare settings.  

It evaluates your ability to communicate effectively with patients, colleagues, and other healthcare professionals.

Benefits of OET

Now that we have a basic grasp of OET, it's crucial to explore why it's beneficial for healthcare professionals. Firstly, OET provides a fair assessment of an individual's language skills within their professional field. 

 It's highly relevant to healthcare practitioners, making it a preferred choice for those aiming to work in English-speaking countries. 

Secondly, OET is widely recognized and accepted in numerous countries, making it a valuable certification for healthcare workers looking to expand their horizons internationally. 

Many healthcare institutions and regulatory bodies consider OET a benchmark for English language proficiency, ensuring that healthcare services are delivered effectively and safely. 

List of Countries Where OET is Accepted

Now, let's dive into the extensive list of countries where OET scores are accepted, along with some additional details about each country: 

1. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, home to the National Health Service (NHS), acknowledges OET scores as proof of English proficiency for healthcare professionals seeking to work in the U.K.  

The NHS, one of the largest healthcare systems globally, relies on OET to ensure medical staff can communicate effectively with patients and colleagues. 

2. Australia

Australia, known for its high-quality healthcare system, recognizes OET scores for various healthcare roles.  

This recognition extends to nursing, medicine, dentistry, and many other healthcare fields, making it a top choice for those aspiring to work Down Under. 

3. United States

While the United States predominantly requires the TOEFL or IELTS for immigration purposes, OET is gradually gaining recognition, especially in the healthcare sector.  

Several states and healthcare institutions in the U.S. now accept OET scores, recognizing its relevance for healthcare professionals.  

4. Canada

In Canada, OET scores are accepted by several healthcare regulatory authorities, facilitating the migration of healthcare professionals. 

Whether you aim to practice in Ontario, British Columbia, or another province, OET can be your gateway to a healthcare career in Canada. 

5. New Zealand

New Zealand welcomes OET scores for healthcare professionals looking to work in this picturesque country. It's particularly advantageous for those who appreciate the country's stunning landscapes and healthcare system. 

6. Ireland

Ireland acknowledges OET as an acceptable proof of English proficiency for healthcare roles.This recognition extends to various healthcare sectors, including nursing, medicine, and pharmacy. 

7. Singapore

Singapore's healthcare sector also accepts OET scores, making it a viable option for healthcare professionals. The Lion City's bustling healthcare industry presents numerous opportunities for those who meet the OET requirements. 

8. Dubai

Dubai, a hub for healthcare services, recognizes OET scores for licensed healthcare practitioners. With world-class medical facilities and a growing demand for healthcare professionals, Dubai is an attractive destination for OET-certified individuals. 

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9. Namibia

This African nation accepts OET scores, making it an attractive destination for healthcare professionals. Namibia's unique landscapes and healthcare system provide a distinctive experience for those seeking to practice in Africa. 

10. Malaysia

Healthcare practitioners seeking opportunities in Malaysia can rely on OET scores for recognition. Malaysia offers a diverse cultural experience alongside its healthcare sector, attracting professionals from various backgrounds. 

11. South Africa

OET scores open doors for healthcare professionals aiming to practice in South Africa. The country's rich cultural heritage and diverse healthcare settings provide an enriching experience for professionals. 

12. Ukraine

Even in Eastern Europe, Ukraine acknowledges OET scores for healthcare workers.  The country's medical universities and institutions recognize OET as proof of English proficiency for international students and practitioners. 

13. Egypt

Egypt recognizes OET scores for healthcare professionals, offering opportunities in this historic nation. Professionals seeking to contribute to healthcare in a culturally rich environment can consider Egypt a destination. 

14. India

India's booming healthcare industry also considers OET scores evidence of English proficiency. This vast and diverse country offers healthcare professionals various experiences and career opportunities.  

15. Philippines

Last but not least, the Philippines accepts OET scores, reflecting the global recognition of this test. Healthcare professionals can explore this Southeast Asian nation's healthcare sector while meeting OET standards. 

How Useful is OET?

The usefulness of OET is undeniable. It serves as a reliable measure of English language proficiency for healthcare professionals and opens doors to international career opportunities.  

Healthcare institutions worldwide rely on OET scores to ensure effective communication, which is critical in healthcare.  


 The list of countries recognizing OET is extensive and continues to grow. For healthcare professionals looking to broaden their horizons and work in English-speaking countries, OET is an invaluable certification.  

Its focus on healthcare-specific language skills makes it an ideal choice, ensuring that professionals can excel and provide the best possible care to their patients. 


 Q1. Is OET only for doctors?

No, OET is for many healthcare professionals, including nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and more. 

Q2. Do I need to take the OET if I already have IELTS or TOEFL scores?

It depends on the specific requirements of the country or institution you are applying to. Some may accept IELTS or TOEFL, while others prefer OET. 

Q3. How can I prepare for the OET test?

Various OET preparation materials and courses are available online to help you prepare effectively.

Q4. Do immigration authorities recognize OET for visa purposes?

OET recognition for visa purposes varies by country. It's advisable to check with the immigration authorities of the country you intend to move to.

Q5. What is the validity of OET scores?

The validity of OET scores typically varies from two to three years, depending on the institution or organization you are applying to.

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