OET English Test Dates - Know How to Find and Where? 2024 Update

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare professions, effective communication plays a pivotal role in ensuring quality patient care and safety.
For international healthcare professionals seeking career opportunities in English-speaking countries, proficiency in the English language is a critical skill.
The Occupational English Test (OET) emerges as a tailored solution designed specifically for healthcare professionals, evaluating their language competency within a medical context.
This article aims to guide individuals through the process of finding OET test dates, shedding light on the significance of this language proficiency test in the context of healthcare careers.
By understanding how to access test dates and the resources available for preparation, healthcare professionals can enhance their language skills, facilitating smoother integration into English-speaking healthcare environments.
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How to Book OET Exam?
Booking the OET exam is a straightforward process that begins with accessing the official OET website.
Once on the website, individuals need to create an account, providing essential personal information.
This account serves as a centralized hub for managing exam-related activities. After creating the account, candidates can login and navigate to the "Book a Test'' section.
Here, they will find information about available test dates and locations. It is crucial to select a date that aligns with personal schedules and allows ample time for preparation.
During the booking process, candidates will be required to choose a specific healthcare profession module based on their field, such as nursing, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, or optometry.
Payment for the exam can usually be made securely through the website. Once the booking is confirmed, candidates receive a confirmation email with details about the test venue and other relevant information.
Familiarizing oneself with the booking procedure ensures a smooth experience, enabling healthcare professionals to focus on preparing for the OET and advancing their careers in English-speaking healthcare settings.
To simplify, we have curated step-by-step instructions on booking OET exam below:
- To start click on which is the official exam booking link of OET.
- Enter your location (type city, state, or country name)
- Get options for OET on Computer and OET on Paper
- Get Details about Venue, including test day registration time, parking, public transport, and other information.
- After selecting institute, click on ‘Book Now’ (a 4-page detail form opens, fill in details to complete booking)
Page 1 - What Details are asked while Booking OET exam?
The following is asked while registering at OET website to book an exam (page 1):
- Given Name
- Middle Name
- Family Name
- Gender
- Date of Birth
- Photo
- Profession
- Address
- City
- Country/Territory
- State/Region
- Postcode
- Contact Number
- ID Type
- ID Number
- Nationality
- First Language
Page 2 - Collection Notice and Terms & Conditions
The page 2 text contains two distinct sections: "Collection Notice" and "Terms & Conditions."
In the "Collection Notice," Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment Pty Ltd (CBLA) emphasizes the importance of reading and understanding their Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.
It states that the personal information provided by users will be used for various purposes, including managing accounts, administering exams, providing support services, and informing relevant parties about progress and results.
The notice also highlights the possible disclosure of personal information to third parties, both within and outside the user's country.
In the "Terms & Conditions" section, users are informed that by accessing and using the OET Centre website, they agree to be bound by the terms outlined.
The terms cover various aspects, including prohibited uses of the website, termination of use, registration of accounts, account passwords, OET Centre content, user-generated content, online commerce, delivery of OET materials, refunds, privacy, links to other websites, and international use.
The terms also discuss the limitations of liability, indemnity, and the governing law and jurisdiction.
The candidates are advised to review and comply with these terms when using the website and its services. It is important to read each term carefully from time-to-time as changes may occur regularly.
Page 3 - Site Registration and Security Answer
On this page, the candidate enters the username and password for registering on site and also selects a security question and types an answer. This question is used to retrieve account in case password is lost:
- Username
- Password
- Confirm Password
Page 4 - Additional Information
On the last page of OET registration for exam booking, the candidate has to answer additional information questions for OET and these are:
Why are you taking OET? (You can select multiple options)
- Migration/Visa purposes - Type (State whether applying for residency/citizenship, study, work, which country, which type of study visa or work)
- Registration with healthcare board or council (Which healthcare board or council?, Which country/)
- Study (entrance or exit - tertiary course) (Enter name of course and institution, Which country)
- Gain employment within a healthcare profession (Options are: I’ll be looking for a job in the next 6-12 months, I’m looking for a job, I’ve been offered a job, Other; Which country?)
- Professional Development (Is this for: General Self-development/ Your current job or study, Where do you work?
Have you taken an English language test before?
- Yes
- No
What is your most recent professional qualification? E.g. diploma nursing, bachelor or postgraduate.
- Type
- Institution
- Country
What Happens after Completing Forms for OET Booking?
After completing the form, the registration gets completed and an activation link is sent to the email address entered previously. Booking is started only after activating the account.
In the email, you receive an activation link and a candidate number. If the link is correct, you receive an ‘Activation Completed’ message after which you can start using your account and book an OET exam.
If the link is incorrect, you receive an ‘Activation Failed’ message and are instructed to contact the myoet site administrator for further support. Regardless, you are redirected to the candidate portal login, where you enter the following to complete login:
- Username/Email Address
- Password
- Click on ‘GO’ after filling in all details.
You can also recover the password, by clicking on the ‘Forgot Password’ link in case you don’t remember it.
Remember, the account is locked after 3 failed login attempts.
It is reminded time-to-time that candidates are responsible for ensuring that the personal details provided exactly match their identification document. It is important to provide accurate details because inaccurate information may result in not being able to sit the Occupational English Test on the day.
After logging in, the candidate reaches the dashboard where there is an option to edit contact information, view applications, and test history. To book a test, click on ‘Apply for the test’. After clicking, candidate is taken to 4 step application process:
- Step 1 - Select profession, sub-test and country
- Step 2 - Select a date
- Step 3 - Select a Venue
- Step 4 - Review details and complete payment
In step 1, the candidate selects ‘Profession’ from the 12 options of OET which are Dentistry, Dietetics, Medicine, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Radiography, Speech Pathology, and Veterinary Science; along with this the candidate can choose the test type from listening, reading, speaking, and writing (New Candidates must take all four sub-tests), and select the country from where they will appear for the test.
Step 2 is selecting a date for the test for the drop down given below.
The dates in 2024 for OET Exam in India are:
- 27 JAN 2024
- 10 FEB 2024
- 09 MAR 2024
- 23 MAR 2024
- 06 APR 2024
- 20 APR 2024
- 04 MAY 2024
- 18 MAY 2024
- 01 JUN 2024
- 22 JUN 2024
- 06 JUL 2024
- 20 JUL 2024
- 03 AUG 2024
- 17 AUG 2024
- 31 AUG 2024
- 14 SEP 2024
- 28 SEP 2024
- 12 OCT 2024
- 26 OCT 2024
- 09 NOV 2024
- 23 NOV 2024
- 07 DEC 2024
Following the selection of a date, in step 3, the candidate chooses the venue which is shown on the basis of that selected date. The candidates can also request special arrangements like that for any medical or other reasons which the candidate needs to specify below.
In step 4 of the test booking process, the candidate reviews all details like Date of Test, Time of Test, Profession, Venue Name, Venue Address, Type of Test (listening, reading, writing or speaking), and the test cost. Once all details are verified, the candidate must complete the payment successfully to get a final confirmation email and tax invoice.
To make the payment, click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’.
Note that the payment has to be made within 15 minutes or the application gets canceled. Only Credit Cards (Visa or Mastercard) are accepted as a payment method for now.
Candidates can either ‘Confirm’ to proceed to the payment page or click on ‘Cancel’ to go back.
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In conclusion, staying informed about OET English test dates is crucial for healthcare professionals aspiring to demonstrate their language proficiency in a medical context.
With the 2024 update, the OET continues to be a reliable benchmark for assessing language skills within the healthcare sector.
By following the outlined steps and utilizing the official OET website, individuals can easily find information about upcoming test dates, locations, and registration procedures.
As healthcare environments increasingly demand effective communication, success in the OET is not only a testament to language proficiency but also a gateway to diverse career opportunities.
The commitment to mastering the English language, as measured by the OET, underscores the dedication of healthcare professionals to delivering exceptional patient care and contributing to the global healthcare community.
Aspiring candidates are encouraged to explore the resources available on the official website, ensuring a well-prepared and successful OET examination experience.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q1. How can I find OET test dates for 2024?
Visit the official OET website and select your region to access updated information on test dates.
Q2. Can I book the OET exam online?
Yes, after creating an account on the OET website, you can log in, choose a test date, and complete the booking process online.
Q3. Are there specific test dates for different healthcare professions?
Yes, candidates can select test dates based on their healthcare profession module, such as nursing, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, or optometry.
Q4. How far in advance should I book the OET exam?
It is advisable to book well in advance to secure preferred test dates and allow sufficient time for preparation.
Q5. Can I reschedule my OET exam if needed?
Yes, candidates can usually reschedule their exams within a specified timeframe, subject to availability and any associated fees.
Q6. What information do I need to provide during the booking process?
Personal information, test date preference, and details related to your chosen healthcare profession module are typically required.
Q7. How do I pay for the OET exam?
Payment for the exam can be conveniently made through the official OET website using secure online payment methods.