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Free OET Writing Sample Test with Answer Subtest Nursing #1


Assume that today's date is 15 May 2022. Mrs. Margaret Johnson, a 75-year-old woman, is a patient in the surgical ward of your hospital. You are the Charge Nurse.

Hospital: Hillside General Hospital, 123 Oak Avenue, Hillside



Name: Mrs. Margaret Johnson Marital status: Married Residence: Hillside Retirement Home, Hillside Next of kin: John Johnson, son (45, married, 2 children) Admission date: 10 May 2022 Discharge date: 20 May 2022 Diagnosis: Post-operative wound infection following appendectomy Past medical history: Hypertension, managed with medication Social background: Retired teacher, enjoys reading and gardening, active in the retirement home's social activities, widowed for 5 years

Medical history:

  • Appendectomy on 8 May 2022

  • Developed a wound infection post-surgery

Medical background: Admitted with wound infection at the surgical site - redness, swelling, and purulent discharge. Pain at the incision site. Afebrile. Mobilizing independently. Mild weakness. Scheduled for wound dressing changes every 2 days.

Medical progress: Mild improvement in wound appearance. Pain at the incision site has decreased. No fever. Ambulating independently.

Nursing management: Wound care, administering antibiotics, monitoring vital signs, and pain management.

Assessment: Satisfactory progress in wound healing.

Discharge plan: Prescribed oral antibiotics for 5 more days. Continue wound dressing changes every 2 days. Provide instructions for monitoring and reporting any signs of infection or complications.


Writing Task:

Using the information given in the case notes, write a discharge letter to Mr. Richard Anderson, Administrator of Hillside Retirement Home, 789 Elm Street, Hillside. This letter will accompany Mrs. Johnson back to the retirement home upon her discharge. In your answer:

  • Expand the relevant notes into complete sentences.

  • Do not use note form.

  • Use letter format.

  • The body of the letter should be approximately 180–200 words.


Mr. Richard Anderson


Hillside Retirement Home

789 Elm Street Hillside


15 May 2022


Dear Mr. Anderson,


Re: Mrs. Margaret Johnson, aged 75


I am writing to inform you that Mrs. Margaret Johnson will be discharged on 20 May 2022 from Hillside General Hospital after receiving treatment for a post-operative wound infection following her recent appendectomy.

Mrs. Johnson was admitted on 10 May 2022 and has been under our care since then. Her surgical wound developed an infection characterized by redness, swelling, and purulent discharge. I'm pleased to report that she has shown satisfactory progress during her hospital stay. Her wound has improved, with decreased pain at the incision site, and she is now afebrile. She is ambulating independently and is experiencing only mild weakness.

Upon her discharge, Mrs. Johnson will continue her treatment at Hillside Retirement Home. She will be prescribed oral antibiotics for an additional 5 days, and wound dressing changes will be performed every 2 days as previously planned. We kindly request that your staff follow these instructions closely. Additionally, please ensure that she is monitored for any signs of infection or complications.

Mrs. Johnson's son, John Johnson, will be accompanying her back to the retirement home. We will provide him with all necessary information and instructions regarding her care and treatment.

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.


Yours sincerely,

Charge Nurse

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