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Free OET Writing Sample Test with Answer Subtest Physiotherapy #4

Notes: The current date is 10 September 2029. You work as a physiotherapist at the Sunshine Wellness Center. Mrs. Sarah Johnson, a 60-year-old retiree, seeks your help for shoulder pain following a recent fall.


  • Name: Mrs. Sarah Johnson

  • DOB: 05 July 1969 (60 y.o.)

  • Social background: Retired

  • Occupation: Former schoolteacher

  • General health: Overall good health, non-smoker

Medical history:

  • Recent fall resulting in left shoulder pain

10 September 2029 Presenting problem: Mrs. Johnson reports severe left shoulder pain after a fall. She experiences pain when lifting her arm, reaching overhead, and during daily activities.


  • Left shoulder pain

  • Limited range of motion in the left shoulder

  • Pain worsens with movement and activity

  • No numbness or tingling

Physical Examination:

  • Tenderness and swelling in the left shoulder

  • Limited range of motion, particularly in abduction and flexion

  • No signs of neurological deficits

Diagnosis: Left shoulder sprain and impingement syndrome

Initial treatment: Develop an individualized treatment plan including pain management, range of motion exercises, and gentle strengthening exercises.

Writing Task:

Write a referral letter to Mrs. Sarah Johnson, introducing yourself as her assigned physiotherapist at the Sunshine Wellness Center. Explain her diagnosis and outline the initial treatment plan. In your response:

  • Expand the relevant notes into complete sentences.

  • Do not use note form.

  • Use letter format.

  • The body of the letter should be approximately 180–200 words.

Mrs. Sarah Johnson 
[Address Line] 
[City, State, ZIP Code] 

10 September 2029

Dear Mrs. Johnson,

Re: Introduction and Treatment Plan for Left Shoulder Pain

I hope this letter finds you well. I am [Your Name], your assigned physiotherapist at the Sunshine Wellness Center, and I am here to assist you in addressing the recent left shoulder pain you've been experiencing.
During our initial assessment, you described severe pain in your left shoulder following a recent fall. This pain has significantly impacted your ability to perform daily activities, particularly when lifting your arm or reaching overhead.
Upon examination, I observed tenderness and swelling in the left shoulder, along with limited range of motion, especially in abduction and flexion. There were no signs of neurological deficits.
Based on our assessment, I have diagnosed you with a left shoulder sprain and impingement syndrome. Please rest assured that you are in capable hands, and our goal is to work together to alleviate your pain and help you regain full functionality.
To initiate your treatment, I have designed an individualized plan tailored to your specific needs. This plan will primarily focus on effective pain management, range of motion exercises to improve shoulder mobility, and gentle strengthening exercises to aid in your recovery.
Our team at Sunshine Wellness Center is dedicated to providing you with the best care and support throughout your journey to recovery. If you have any questions or concerns along the way, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.
I am committed to helping you regain your comfort and mobility in your left shoulder. Together, we will work towards a pain-free and active lifestyle.


TIP : Strategically approach the OET reading tasks by skimming and scanning texts to quickly identify key information.