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Free OET Writing Sample Test with Answer Subtest Occupational Therapy #3



Assume that today's date is 5 November 2023


You are an occupational therapist at Greenfield Medical Center, specializing in pediatric care. You have assessed and prepared a treatment plan for a pediatric patient referred by Dr. Sarah Collins.



Name: Emma Johnson (Miss)

DOB: 12 February 2017

Address: 456 Meadow Lane, Greenfield

Marital Status: N/A (child)

Occupation: Preschool student

Treating Doctor: Dr. Sarah Collins, Greenfield


Case Notes

Medical History: Emma was born prematurely at 28 weeks and has a history of developmental delays. She has difficulty with fine motor skills, such as grasping objects and drawing. Emma's parents have noticed that she struggles with self-care tasks like dressing and feeding herself.


Response to Problem: Emma's parents are concerned about her development and want her to acquire age-appropriate skills. Emma herself is frustrated with her limitations and wants to be more independent.

Occupational Performance:

Self Care: Requires assistance with dressing, eating, and grooming.

Play: Limited participation in age-appropriate play activities due to fine motor difficulties.

Emma attends preschool but finds it challenging to participate fully in classroom activities.


5 Nov 2023

Plan for Improvement:


Implement fine motor skill development activities to improve hand-eye coordination.

Work on self-care tasks, such as dressing and feeding, to increase independence.

Collaborate with the preschool to adapt activities and provide support in the classroom.

Provide Emma's parents with strategies to promote her development at home.

Regularly assess progress and modify the treatment plan as needed to support Emma's developmental goals.


Writing Task:

Using the information given in the case notes, write a letter to the referring doctor, updating her on your assessment, recommendations and plan. Address the letter to Dr. Sarah Collins, 14 Ridgeway Ave, Greenfield. 

In your answer:

? Expand the relevant notes into complete sentences

? Do not use note form

? Use letter format

The body of the letter should be approximately 180–200 words.

Dr. Sarah Collins

14 Ridgeway Ave



Re: Emma Johnson (DOB: 12/02/2017)


Dear Dr. Collins,


I trust this letter finds you in good health. I am writing to provide you with an update on the assessment and treatment plan for our pediatric patient, Miss Emma Johnson, referred by you.


Emma, born prematurely at 28 weeks, has a history of developmental delays, particularly in fine motor skills. Her parents have expressed concerns regarding her ability to perform self-care tasks, such as dressing and feeding, and her limitations in participating in age-appropriate play activities. Emma herself is eager to become more independent.


Our treatment plan for Emma includes the following key elements:


Fine Motor Skills Development: We are implementing activities aimed at improving her hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills to enhance her ability to grasp objects and engage in activities that require precision.


Self-Care Tasks: Our focus is on increasing her independence in self-care tasks, including dressing and feeding, to reduce her reliance on assistance.


School Collaboration: We are collaborating with Emma's preschool to adapt activities and provide support within the classroom setting, ensuring she can actively participate in classroom activities.


Parental Support: Emma's parents are receiving guidance and strategies to promote her development at home, facilitating a holistic approach to her progress.


We are committed to regularly assessing Emma's progress and modifying the treatment plan as needed to align with her developmental goals. Emma's parents and I share the common goal of helping her achieve age-appropriate skills and greater independence.


Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or require additional information regarding Emma's progress or treatment plan. Your continued partnership in Emma's care is greatly appreciated.


Yours sincerely,

Occupational Therapist


TIP : OET assesses the language skills of healthcare professionals, including doctors and nurses.