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Free OET Writing Sample Test with Answer Subtest Medicine #3

Notes: Assume that today's date is 12 March 2020

You are a practitioner examining a 55-year old male patient, Mr. Robert Turner.


Name: Robert Turner (Mr)

DOB: 7 August 1964

Address: 567 Elmwood Drive, Elmville

Marital Status: Married, 2 adult children

Occupation: Construction Worker

Height: 178cm Weight: 92kg BMI: 29.1 (overweight 12/3/20)

Social History: Occasional smoker (1-2 cigarettes/day), Occasional alcohol consumption (beer)

Substance Intake: Nil

Allergies: None known

Family History: Mother – diabetes; Father – heart disease

Maternal grandmother – osteoarthritis; Maternal grandfather – prostate cancer

Paternal grandmother – hypertension; Paternal grandfather – stroke

Previous Medical History: Childhood illnesses, including mumps and chickenpox

1995 fractured left ankle

2007 herniated lumbar disc

2015 high blood pressure, managed with medication

Presenting Complaint: Chronic lower back pain for the past year, aggravated by work-related lifting tasks

Provisional Diagnosis: Chronic mechanical low back pain

Plan: Recommend physical therapy, lifestyle modifications, and ergonomic assessments at work.

Writing Task:

Using the information in the case notes, write a letter of referral for physical therapy to Ms. Sarah Mitchell, a physical therapist at Elmville Physical Therapy Center, 789 Oak Street, Elmville. In your answer:

  • Expand the relevant notes into complete sentences

  • Do not use note form

  • Use letter format

The body of the letter should be approximately 180–200 words.

Ms. Sarah Mitchell

Elmville Physical Therapy Center

789 Oak Street



12 March 2020


Dear Ms. Mitchell,


Re: Mr. Robert Turner, DOB 7.8.1964


Robert Turner, a 55-year-old construction worker, has chronic lower back pain that has continued for the past year, so I am writing to refer him for physical therapy. Mr. Turner's health has been made worse by the repetitive lifting tasks required by his job.

Mr. Turner's medical history includes a fractured left ankle in 1995, a herniated lumbar disc in 2007, and a diagnosis of high blood pressure in 2015, which he manages with medication. His family history includes his mother's diabetes and his father's heart disease, as well as various musculoskeletal and cardiovascular conditions in his grandparents.

Presently, Mr. Turner presents with chronic mechanical low back pain, which is significantly impacting his ability to work comfortably. Given the nature of his occupation and the duration of his symptoms, I believe that physical therapy could provide substantial benefit.

I kindly request your evaluation and implementation of a suitable physical therapy regimen to address Mr. Turner's chronic back pain. Additionally, I recommend considering ergonomic assessments at his workplace to minimize factors that may exacerbate his condition.

Please feel free to contact me if you require any further information or have specific questions regarding his case. Your expertise and assistance in managing Mr. Turner's condition will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Yours sincerely,


TIP : Practice with a partner simulating patient interactions to improve communication skills and get used to OET scenarios.