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Free OET Writing Sample Test with Answer Subtest Radiography #3



Assume that today's date is 30 August 2019.


You are a radiographer at Green Valley Hospital. Today, you had to postpone an X-ray appointment for Mrs. Mary Johnson, a female patient, who was accompanied by her husband, Mr. Robert Johnson.



Name: Mrs. Mary Johnson

DOB: 22 Nov 1960 (58 y.o)

Address: 456 Oak Lane, Green Valley

Date: 30 Aug 2019

Request from: Dr. Susan Miller (orthopedic surgeon, Green Valley Hospital)

Exam required: X-ray left knee

Reason for procedure: Suspected meniscus tear

Medical history: Osteoarthritis, no known allergies

Recent history: Tripped and fell on a sidewalk yesterday


Radiography Notes:

2:30 pm Request for X-ray – Pt Mary Johnson

Patient expresses nervousness, accompanied by Mr. Robert Johnson

Mr. Johnson requests to be present during the procedure, reports his wife's anxiety

Advised Mr. Johnson must wear a lead apron during exposure


2:45 pm Chief Radiographer (Mr. Michael Turner) alerted to situation, requires the following before proceeding with X-ray:

Patient's anxiety, prefers Mr. Johnson to stay in the room

Mr. Johnson to stand behind the screen during exposure

Availability of another staff member to assist if necessary


3:00 pm Urgent pager from the ER requests immediate assistance with a trauma patient

No other staff available to assist X-ray – delay is expected to be about 1 hour

X-ray for Mrs. Johnson delayed


3:15 pm Patient and Mr. Johnson notified of the delay

Patient expresses understanding but remains anxious

No security concerns reported

Mr. Johnson suggests rescheduling the X-ray for tomorrow morning

Note to radiographer-on-duty tomorrow: inform about patient's anxiety, allow Mr. Johnson in the room, ensure patient comfort


Writing Task:


Using the provided information, write a letter to the radiographer, Ms. Jessica Adams, who will be on duty tomorrow to conduct the X-ray on Mrs. Johnson, to advise her of the patient’s history and precautions needed. Address the letter to Ms. Jessica Adams, Staff Radiographer, Green Valley Hospital. In your answer:

  • Expand the relevant notes into complete sentences

  • Do not use note form

  • Use letter format

The body of the letter should be approximately 180–200 words.

Ms. Jessica Adams

Staff Radiographer

Green Valley Hospital


Dear Ms. Adams,


Re: Precautions for Mrs. Mary Johnson's X-ray


I trust this message finds you well. I am writing to provide you with pertinent information regarding the scheduled X-ray for Mrs. Mary Johnson, which you will be overseeing tomorrow.


Mrs. Johnson, born on 22nd November 1960, is a 58-year-old female residing at 456 Oak Lane, Green Valley. Dr. Susan Miller, our esteemed orthopedic surgeon, has requested this X-ray due to a suspected meniscus tear in her left knee. Mrs. Johnson's medical history includes osteoarthritis, with no known allergies. She recently tripped and fell on a sidewalk, which necessitates the X-ray examination.


During today's appointment at 2:30 pm, Mrs. Johnson expressed nervousness and was accompanied by her husband, Mr. Robert Johnson. Mr. Johnson has expressed his desire to be present during the X-ray due to his wife's anxiety. It is vital to ensure that he wears a lead apron during the exposure for his safety.


At 2:45 pm, our Chief Radiographer, Mr. Michael Turner, was alerted to the situation. Mrs. Johnson has communicated her preference for Mr. Johnson to remain in the room with her during the procedure. Additionally, Mr. Johnson should stand behind the screen during the exposure. We also have another staff member available to assist if necessary.


Unfortunately, at 3:00 pm, we received an urgent pager from the Emergency Room (ER), requesting immediate assistance with a trauma patient, which resulted in a delay of approximately 1 hour for Mrs. Johnson's X-ray.


When we informed Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Johnson of the delay at 3:15 pm, Mrs. Johnson expressed understanding but remained anxious. No security concerns were reported. Mr. Johnson has suggested rescheduling the X-ray for tomorrow morning, and I recommend that you accommodate this request.


Please ensure that you communicate Mrs. Johnson's anxiety, allow Mr. Johnson to be present in the room for her comfort, and provide the necessary reassurance during the procedure tomorrow.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.




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