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Free OET Writing Sample Test with Answer Subtest Optometry #10

Notes: Today's date is 15 August 2029. You are an optometrist at ClearSight Vision Center. A patient, Mrs. Evelyn Mitchell, has presented with complaints of sudden vision changes in her right eye.


  • NAME: Mrs. Evelyn Mitchell

  • DOB: 20 March 1956 (73 y.o.)

  • Social background: Widow, lives alone

  • Occupation: Retired teacher

  • General health: Hypertension, controlled with medication

Family history:

  • Mother had age-related macular degeneration (AMD)

Patient history:

  • 2018 – Cataract surgery in both eyes

  • 2015 – Diagnosed with AMD, managed with nutritional supplements

  • 2012 – First diagnosis of hypertension

15 August 2029 Presenting problem: Mrs. Mitchell reports experiencing sudden vision changes in her right eye over the past two days.

Right eye (OD):

  • Sudden onset of significant central vision distortion

  • No pain, redness, or photophobia

  • No history of ocular trauma

Left eye (OS):

  • No change in vision

  • No pain, redness, or photophobia

Visual acuity (VA):

  • OD: 6/24 with distortion

  • OS: 6/9

Colour vision (D-15): Normal in both eyes

External examination:

  • No obvious abnormalities

Eye Movements:

  • Normal

Slit-lamp Examination:

  • No abnormalities in either eye

Intraocular Pressure (IOP) (Non-contact tonometry):

  • Within normal limits for both eyes


  • OD: Significant drusen in macular area; no signs of retinal detachment

  • OS: Normal appearance

Diagnosis: Sudden-onset central vision distortion in the right eye, suggestive of AMD progression

Initial treatment: Referred for urgent evaluation by a retina specialist

Writing Task:

Using the information provided in the case notes, write a letter of referral to the Retina Specialist on duty at VisionCare Retina Clinic, requesting urgent evaluation for Mrs. Evelyn Mitchell's sudden vision changes in her right eye. Address the letter to the Retina Specialist on duty, VisionCare Retina Clinic, 320 Pine Street, Cityville. In your response:

  • Expand the relevant notes into complete sentences.

  • Do not use note form.

  • Use letter format.

  • The body of the letter should be approximately 180–200 words.

Retina Specialist on duty

VisionCare Retina Clinic

320 Pine Street



15 August 2029


Dear Retina Specialist,


Re: Mrs. Evelyn Mitchell DOB: 20 March 1956


I am writing to request an urgent evaluation for Mrs. Evelyn Mitchell, a 73-year-old patient who presented at ClearSight Vision Center with sudden-onset central vision distortion in her right eye (OD) over the past two days. Given the nature of her symptoms and her history of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), I believe your specialized expertise in retinal conditions is vital in addressing her current concerns.

Mrs. Mitchell, a retired teacher and widow living independently, has a medical history of hypertension controlled with medication. She underwent cataract surgery in both eyes in 2018 and was diagnosed with AMD in 2015, managed with nutritional supplements. Her mother had a history of AMD.

During the examination, Mrs. Mitchell reported no pain, redness, or photophobia in either eye. However, in her right eye (OD), she described a sudden onset of significant central vision distortion. Visual acuity in this eye is reduced to 6/24, while her left eye (OS) remains at 6/9 with no changes. Colour vision appears normal in both eyes. Fundoscopy revealed significant drusen in the macular area of her right eye but no signs of retinal detachment.

Given the urgency and the possibility of AMD progression, I have referred Mrs. Mitchell for your evaluation and potential intervention. I kindly request your prompt attention to her case. Please feel free to contact our clinic if you require any additional information or assistance.


Yours sincerely,



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