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Free OET Writing Sample Test with Answer Subtest Physiotherapy #1


Today's date is 15 October 2028. You are a physiotherapist at Flex Health Clinic. A patient, Mr. James Mitchell, has come in with complaints of persistent lower back pain.


  • NAME: Mr. James Mitchell

  • DOB: 10 March 1980 (48 y.o.)

  • Social background: Married, two school-age children

  • Occupation: Office manager

  • General health: Overall good health, no chronic medical conditions

Family history:

  • Father had a history of lower back pain and underwent lumbar surgery

Patient history:

  • Occasional lower back pain over the years, managed with rest and over-the-counter pain relievers

  • No history of significant injuries or accidents

15 October 2028

Presenting problem: Mr. Mitchell reports persistent lower back pain that started approximately six weeks ago. The pain is described as a dull ache with occasional sharp twinges, mainly located on the right side of the lower back. He mentions that the pain intensifies after prolonged sitting or physical activities.


  • Persistent lower back pain for six weeks

  • Dull ache with occasional sharp twinges

  • Predominantly right-sided lower back pain

  • Exacerbated by prolonged sitting or physical activities

  • No radiation of pain to legs

  • No numbness or tingling

Physical Examination:

  • Right-sided lower back tenderness on palpation

  • Decreased lumbar spine range of motion, especially in extension

  • No sensory deficits or muscle weakness

  • No signs of inflammation or infection

Diagnosis: Non-specific lower back pain, likely related to postural and occupational factors

Initial treatment: Prescribe a tailored exercise program to improve lumbar spine flexibility and core strength. Advise on ergonomic adjustments at work.

Writing Task:

Using the information provided in the case notes, write a referral letter to a registered physiotherapist, Ms. Sarah Turner, at Active Life Physiotherapy Center, requesting her expertise in guiding Mr. James Mitchell through a tailored exercise program to address his non-specific lower back pain. Address the letter to Ms. Sarah Turner at Active Life Physiotherapy Center, 123 Wellness Street, Healthville. In your response:

  • Expand the relevant notes into complete sentences.

  • Do not use note form.

  • Use letter format.

  • The body of the letter should be approximately 180–200 words.

Ms. Sarah Turner 

Active Life Physiotherapy Center 

123 Wellness Street 


15 October 2028

Dear Ms. Turner,

Re: Mr. James Mitchell DOB: 10 March 1980

I am writing to seek your expertise in the assessment and management of Mr. James Mitchell, a 48-year-old patient who presented at Flex Health Clinic with persistent lower back pain. Mr. Mitchell reports experiencing this discomfort for the past six weeks, describing it as a dull ache with occasional sharp twinges, primarily located on the right side of his lower back. He notes that the pain tends to worsen after prolonged periods of sitting or physical activities.

Upon physical examination, I observed tenderness on palpation of the right-sided lower back, as well as decreased lumbar spine range of motion, particularly in extension. Importantly, there were no sensory deficits, muscle weakness, or signs of inflammation or infection.

Given Mr. Mitchell's clinical presentation and history, I have diagnosed him with non-specific lower back pain, likely attributed to postural and occupational factors. To address his condition effectively, I recommend a tailored exercise program aimed at improving lumbar spine flexibility and core strength. Additionally, I have advised him on ergonomic adjustments to implement at his workplace.

I am confident that your expertise as a registered physiotherapist can greatly benefit Mr. Mitchell's rehabilitation process. I kindly request your assessment and guidance in creating an exercise program tailored to his specific needs. Please feel free to contact our clinic for any further information or coordination.

Thank you for your assistance in managing Mr. Mitchell's lower back pain.

Yours sincerely,


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